Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Invisible Children - Kony2012

I started this blog for two reasons: first my love for design & fashion and second the exciting part of creating, posting and attracting other people with the same interests with me. In the beginning I was thinking to start clearly a fashion blog, but as much as I think as much I feel that I've started a "trip" that will take me to deeper meanings and maybe discover & learn myself better. I am grateful to all those who supported me and convinced me to start this blog and I feel blessed to have all these people in my life. 
As per the video above, I think is the perfect post to start my blog. Its topic it's not about fashion, nor design, not at all related to what my blog aspires to become, but it's about the need of having around you persons that love you and stand by you when you need them. It's about the way I understand social media & blogs: a way to link and connect to each other. 
I hope you'll enjoy my blog and I do my best to achieve it. 

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